Caleb Cornaby

As a result of numerous genetic and environmental factors, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is manifest by a variety of symptoms including arthritis, nephritis, dermatological manifestations such as photosensitivity and rashes, muscle weakness, and serositis among others. While there is currently no regimen of therapy that can reverse the autoimmune nature of lupus, improvement in the treatment of lupus patients is a priority of our current studies. Previous research conducted by our lab demonstrated that metabolic inhibitors can enhance the effects of existing therapies for SLE. Our research investigates complementary metabolic inhibitor(s) for treatment with various biologics that are currently in clinical trials or utilized to treat lupus patients. This is accomplished by profiling how different biologics influence the immunological profile of various T and B cell sub types, then interrogating combinations of biologics and metabolic inhibitors in NZB/WF1 lupus prone mice to identify the best combinations for therapeutic implementation.